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  Parts Care

The Best support Value for the Technically Savvy Customer


For price-sensitive applications, many customers prefer to consider quality, refurbished equipment from the SAI Depot. Our highly experienced technicians completely repair and refurbish pre-owned equipment, making it available to customers at a reduced cost, offering significant savings. What's more, SAI certifies each piece of refurbished equipment with an extended warranty, further ensuring customer satisfaction and reducing risk.

We bring electronic components back to their original operating specifications, quickly, reliably and at a reasonable cost. We can normally repair and ship a component in less than 10 days.

Because we are centrally located, shipment times to anywhere in the U.S. are minimal. However, if faster repair is critical to your operation, Priority Repair Service is available.

 Just ship us the faulty equipment or printed circuit board by air freight. We will give it our promptest attention and return it to you, by air, as quickly as possible. Technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to insure that your downtime is minimized.

Although we are fast and efficient, we don't provide temporary "quick fixes". We duplicate the problem, troubleshoot the cause, and then make the necessary repairs. Additionally, we give the entire piece of equipment or sub-assembly a thorough preventative maintenance check. It is cleaned and all operating parameters are verified. Equipment is returned in as close to new condition as possible.  You can be assured your components will be repaired using parts that meet every OEM specification for maximum compatibility and reliability.

All parts and workmanship are supported by a six-month warranty.

Follow this simple procedure:

Ship items to be repaired to RAI, along with the following information:

  1. Your shipping and billing addresses.
  2. Your purchase order number.
  3. The name and telephone number of the person to contact in your company.
  4. A copy of any technical documentation or schematic you may have for the item.
  5. A description of the problem.
  6. Any specific handling instructions. (Quote before repair, rush, specific shipping carrier to use, etc.)

To discuss your specific repair needs with a member of our technical staff, please contact us.

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