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  Maintenance Table Terms

An Explanation of Terms used in the SAI Maintenance Table


The maintenance features listed in the left hand column of the SAI Maintenance Options Table are explained in more detail on this web page.  Please note, these descriptions do not limit a customer to the specifics of the feature stated here.  Support offerings and maintenance features can be tailored to your exact needs.  Refer to the Sample Customer Agreement for an example of SAI's standard Terms and Conditions (T&C's).


Coverage Hours: Defines the hours of the day, the days of the week, and Holidays that a support customer can interact with SAI technicians and engineers in an effort to resolve a system problem.  Access to SAI's technical support team is either through our toll-free support number, our customer service portal, or email. A customer's Coverage Hours are detailed in their Service Level Agreement (SLA), that is  a part of their support contract.  Email and the customer support portal can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Telephone support is usually manned and available either on 24x7, 24x5, or 5x9 basis.  Customers may leave voicemail outside the Coverage Hours specified in their SLA to help get their support issue to the top of the queue when manned coverage resumes.  A response to the filing of an incident, in a given amount of time, is again dependent on the SLA agreed to in your support contract.

On-Site Response Time: An SAI technician, Engineer, or Premier support associate arrives on your site within the 'On-Site Response Time' specified in your SLA to resolve your technical problems in a hands-on fashion.  Standard support contracts are usually written to SLAs for 24 hour (Next Business Day - NBD), 12 hour, or four hour On-Site Response times.

Telephone Tech Support: Access to SAI's toll-free support number is available for leaving voice mail for support personnel, to all customers seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day. Customer service representatives and tech support personnel are available to answer the phone personally during the time specified in your specific SLA - usually during either 24x7, 24x5, or 5x9 time periods.

Electronic Tech Support: Anytime online access to submit support requests, download documentation and use knowledge base. An email response from SAI from this support channel is usually received within 48 hours or less.

Return to Depot Repair: Depot Repair service provides telephone support to a customer to help troubleshoot their system and identify failed components.  Once a hardware component or assembly has been identified, the customer ships the failed unit back to SAI with a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number.  Once received by SAI, the failed unit is run through testing and diagnosis.  The unit is then repaired, if possible, or otherwise replaced, and re-tested.  Once the repaired or replacement unit is re-tested, it is shipped back to the customer for re-installation in their system.  The whole repair cycle can be monitored through the SAI support portal.

3rd Party Application Support: For third party software that SAI had installed during integration of the system, SAI will provide collaborative support to initiate support requests with the ISV support team, where access is possible, and facilitate the resolution.

Technical Account Manager: When you need fast and pro-active support, SAI will assign ONE individual to your account to be your Technical Account Manager (TAM) for support. Your TAM is your single-point of contact for getting things fixed via SAI.  They facilitate the day-to-day completion of the tasks and communications necessary for keeping your system running at its peak efficiency.  The TAM uses current best-practices to maintain system and task-level monitoring to ensure the managed system meets your availability requirements. 

On-Site Operational Reviews: These reviews are used by SAI to  discuss support issues, report progress, and prioritize problem resolutions and action items with the customer's HPC team.  These meetings are held annually, semi-annually, or quarterly, depending on your SLA and support options.  These reviews may be face-to-face or via conference calls.  Their focus is on pro-actively reducing downtime and improving your HPC system's productivity and utilization.

On-site Spares: When a hardware savvy customer wants to quickly swap hardware when a failure occurs, SAI can help them determine what components and assemblies should be stocked in a local spares cache.  Using historical failure date and data-sheet derived Mean-Times-Before-Failure (MTBF), SAI can recommend the types and quantity of spares that a customer should have on hand to meet their system availability requirements.

Remote Management, Hardware & Performance Monitoring, Weekly System Operational Summary: Please refer to the Remote Care page for a description of these service options.

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