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Advanced Medical Imaging

With over 30 years of innovating the perfect display, TOTOKU delivers high resolution, high luminance, ultra-crisp images with each and every model. Available in grayscale or color, single or multi-head configurations, 1.3MP-5 MP, we are confident we have a turnkey solution that your Radiologists will love.

LCD displays designed and developed for medical imaging are equipped with a calibration function and a luminance stabilizing system to maintain grayscale characteristics that conform to DICOM GSDF over long periods of time.

The 5MP display pictured here is best suited for digital mammography and other advanced applications. Loaded with a high luminance, high contrast LCD panel, it delivers excellent image quality with a luminance uniformity compensation feature and a capability to display 2048 shades of gray simultaneously. It also comes with a hardware-based pivoting function for fast image display in portrait orientation

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