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  x86 Shared Memory Systems

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ScaleMP is the leader in virtualization for high-end computing, providing higher performance and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The innovative Versatile SMP (vSMP) architecture aggregates multiple x86 systems into a single virtual x86 system, delivering an industry-standard, high-end symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) computer. Using software to replace custom hardware and components, ScaleMP offers a new, revolutionary computing paradigm. vSMP Foundation is a software-only solution that eliminates the need for extensive R&D or proprietary hardware components in developing high-end x86 systems, and reduces overall end-user system cost and operational expenditures. vSMP Foundation aggregates up to 16 x86 systems to create a single system with 4 to 32 processors (128 cores) and up to 1 TB of shared memory.

Solutions based on vSMP Foundation provide superior performance at prices significantly lower than traditional SMPs and comparable to managed x86 clusters. These solutions conserve the advantages of the traditional SMP operating model (ease of installation and management as well as large memory) while leveraging the broad x86-based applications portfolio.

ScaleMP's revolutionary computing paradigm provide significant benefits throughout the compute chain, allowing customers to:

AGGREGATE several systems to create large x86 systems

SCALE application compute, memory and I/O resources in a near linear fashion resulting in top performance

SIMPLIFY system installation and ongoing management by reducing the total number of systems

SAVE money by leveraging standard components to deliver SMP at cluster prices