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  Tape Backup Systems


As the leading global specialist in backup, recovery and archive for more than 27 years, Quantum has been focused on helping IT departments address data protection and data retention challenges by incorporating innovative solution sets with world-class service and support.

Backup, recovery, and archive needs are growing in scale and complexity. IT managers face ever-expanding data volumes, more stringent recovery requirements, new security guidelines, and static budgets. To add further complication, there is increasing pressure to minimize power, cooling, and space in the datacenter by adopting "greener" processes.

Because meeting this complex, rapidly evolving needs often require multiple technologies and approaches, Quantum is uniquely positioned to address each facet in the backup, recovery and archive process. We deliver intelligent and innovative solutions that integrate disk, tape, replication, and encryption, and we work with customers to match the right technologies to their specific business requirements. Our advice is tailored for each individual company, and like our solutions, it is always technology and platform independent.


Overland Storage delivers robust data backup solutions that are affordable, flexible, and easily integrated into existing network attached storage infrastructures. We offer a broad portfolio of tape libraries and autoloaders, virtual tape libraries, and disk-based backup systems. Our fast, reliable disk storage solutions include integrated data protection software, offering users the ultimate in data protection and availability.

Overland Storage can provide your business with sophisticated Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions that keep your critical data safe, protected, and available-backup hardware and software that allows you to quickly backup and restore. Optimal Storage Virtualization makes it possible to simplify storage management, maximize capacity utilization, and lower costs.

Protection OS software enables users to implement Overland appliances in almost any storage or backup environment and is compatible with all popular operating systems and backup software along with Ethernet (iSCSI) and Fibre Channel networks. It's never been easier to deploy protected primary storage and disk-based backup as part of a complete disk-to-disk (D2D) or disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) solution.