A woman-owned, HUB-certified and DIR contract  company  dedicated to helping our customers meet their Information Technology requirements.
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Dun & Bradstreet:                         07-810-6247


State of Texas Bid List Numbers:

(CMBL) (GSC) QISV Catalogue Purchasing:  VID#: 1-760264066000

                                                     File Number:  83778


State Of Texas (Corporation) Federal Tax ID:

EIN:                  76-0264066       Federal Tax ID & Tax Exempt Number

Charter#:            01084172-00    Incorporated on 4/14/2000



HUB Certified Women/Minority owned Companies:

HUB #: 1-76-026-4066-000

Recertified until 12/03/2010     -HUB Certification Specialist


DIR Contract #:  Quantum   DIR-SDD-259


Also Small Business Enterprise w/Port of Houston until 1/31/2011



Business Development Program with Metro:

BDP#:    02-10-02-1816


Small Business Program with Metro:

SBP#:     58-10-02-574


USAC SPIN  143028830

Cage Code 3GQ57


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