A woman-owned, HUB-certified and DIR contract  company  dedicated to helping our customers meet their Information Technology requirements.

  R Associates Inc. Solutions


R Associates Incorporated (RAI) is a privately-held Houston-based firm that has been focused on meeting the compute needs of the Oil & Gas, Entertainment, Healthcare and Higher Education business markets across the United States and into Canada, Mexico and throughout South America. The company covers everything from the Data Center down to the client and most computing solutions in between. For over 30 years, our DNA has been made of High Performance Computing (HPC), GPU performance clusters, multi-core server farms and associated high-end engineering workstations for the requirements of our clients. However, we bring solutions to all IT infrastructure environments in which our customers operate, focusing on the following deliverables:

  • Innovative solutions through our broad partnerships in the Information technology space
  • Lowering prices and maximizing IT, sacrificing margins on products and services to improve your bottom-line
  •     Experience in networking, storage, data center design, cloud & virtualization and managed IT services

When choosing IT, it is important to remember the difference between a skilled integrator and a reseller. As an integrator, RAI will custom configure your system to the exact specifications you desire. RAI not only integrates the hardware, but also uses open source software, customer codes, and manufacturer’s utilities, tools and API’s to mesh together software solutions with leading edge, high performance commodity hardware, that are specific to your needs. We will work with our technology partners to optimize their technology and roadmap, augmenting their offerings to deliver unique solutions to each customer installation. In the following pages you will see examples of this INNOVATION and what it means to you, as well as how it helps to take advantage of where technology may be going to future proof your IT. This effort provides for a cost effective offering that is reliable, easy to use, and is proven.