A woman-owned, HUB-certified and DIR contract  company  dedicated to helping our customers meet their Information Technology requirements.

  RAI Enterprise Storage Solutions
Storage & File System Solutions Designed for HPC Performance and Availability


RAI's total storage solutions are built around expert selected hardware & software for multi-vendor Linux clusters.  Our storage offerings include:

  •  IBM GPFS & CFS Lustre - leading HPC parallel file Systems

  • LSI, Data Direct Networks DDN and NEC storage solutions architected for cluster performance

RAI also supports our customer's data issues with Storage Professional Services by helping them with:

  •  Parallel File System Optimization & Deployment

  • Design, Management and planning

  • Legacy File System Migration

  • Assess & optimize cluster performance through expert system design - compute, I/O visualization

We have the right storage for every industry:

  • Seismic Processing -- with data sets approaching 10TB per acre, requires high bandwidth streaming I/O pipes in order to efficiently deliver and store data

  • Structural Analysis -- having single jobs consisting of an entire petabyte of data, requires a large amount of local scratch data for each compute node

  • Crash Analysis -- dealing with large files that are read only once with large data sets being output as a result, requires an optimized I/O approach and the ability to scale later



RAI Exclusive Storage Benefits:

  • Speed - RAI creates its storage using fast, stable drives and GPFS software, a file system created with the needs of high performance computing in mind

  • Reliability - all RAI storage solutions include automatic path failover, components that are easily hot swapped, and sophisticated monitoring and administration through XWC

  • Flexibility - XWC also allows for faster provisioning and adding of new drives to storage, requiring less administration time and more time for productive cluster work

  •   Affordable - the increase in productivity in the cluster makes buying XWC storage solutions the right investment for obtaining business results faster


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