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  RAI HPC Software
Open-Source & Commercial Code Used in RAI HPC Stacks
RAI builds each cluster with a software stack that is optimal for each customer and application Batching Tools


RAI builds each cluster with a software stack that is optimal for each customer and application.  That stack is then run through rigorous testing on the target system with both industry-standard benchmarks and the customer's applications.  The set of open-source and commercial software we choose from when configuring a system, includes, but is not limited to:

Batching Tools

Cluster batch control systems are used to manage jobs on the system. They are essential for sequentially queuing jobs, assigning priorities, distributing, parallelizing, suspending, killing or otherwise controlling jobs cluster-wide.



Compilers are crucial for parallelizing your code to run on a cluster or for compiling the source code of distributed software packages or libraries for use in a cluster environment. While freely available compilers like GNU's compilers for C/C++ or Fortran are often quite useful and robust, they are not optimized for specific hardware and their binary output may require more execution time. Commercial compilers optimized for your cluster hardware setup can save costs by delivering higher performance with less overall hardware investment. RAIs has the experience needed to recommend and install the compilers appropriate to your application

File Systems

As deployments grow to hundreds or even thousands of nodes, the choice of which networked file system to use becomes an increasingly important factor in building parallel cluster systems. File system performance is particularly critical for applications that process large amounts of data or those which rely on out-of-core computation.


Middleware is an important component to help integrate the cluster environment into a single entity. It aids distributed applications, acting as an intermediary between components. Our experience at RAIs means we can help with selecting the appropriate middleware for use on your cluster.

Operating Systems

The choice of which operating system to run on your high-performance system is not only affected by your specific application needs, but also will affect many aspects of cluster operation into the future, and thus is quite an important choice in the overall system design. RAIs' experienced engineers can work with you to determine the best operating system distribution for your performance needs and requirements. Operating systems other than those listed below can be installed, but require coordination with your sales engineer.


Other Software Packages


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