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OYO Instruments, LP has provided quality thermal printing devices for the seismic industry for nearly two decades. Our products are reputed to be the most reliable in the industry. We offer a plotter for almost any data acquisition need. Whether you need to print to paper or film, from 12" to 54" wide, portable or office, we've got a plotter for you. .

The GS-612 performs reliably in heavy-duty applications. It can be wall mounted or placed on a table top, and does not have to be level to plot. It is ideal for seismic quality control applications in processing centers, workstations, and in the field.

The GS-612-P Thermal Plotter is built for portability. Its small size and rugged construction with a waterproof case make it an ideal output device for seismic, industrial, and military applications. The direct thermal dry plotting process assures crisp clear plots and uniform image density regardless of ambient temperature and humidity.

The 600 x 1200 Direct Thermal Film Plotters were designed for use with a chemistry- free, dry film developed specifically for OYO. These give plots with print resolution, dot clarity, and film densities that equal or exceed specifications of most existing photographic film plotters.