A woman-owned, HUB-certified and DIR contract  company  dedicated to helping our customers meet their Information Technology requirements.

Procera Networks, Inc.


Value Proposition
Procera Networks delivers intelligent and policy-driven secure content management solutions for networks that empower businesses to boost and sustain productivity; pinpoint and control network misuse, and improve and manage the performance of business-critical applications.

Address The Growing Challenges of Network Security and Performance
Today, the lion's share of the cost of IT infrastructure comes from day-to-day systems operations. Simply put, the costs of bandwidth, network management, lost productivity, and network misuse and abuse far outweigh the initial costs of application and networking infrastructure. In today's cost-sensitive IT environments, businesses need to control costs but have been compelled to over-provision their networks to ensure the performance, efficiency and availability of mission-critical applications. In addition, they have lacked visibility into how real-time network loads, misuse, and even outright abuse degrade application performance and result in significant lost productivity.

Procera Networks' solutions empower businesses to align their business policies with computing resources to ensure applications achieve needed performance and availability levels to meet or exceed Quality of Service and Service Level Agreement objectives at the lowest possible cost. These solutions offer the following capabilities and benefits:

High-performance integrated multi-function network appliances to reduce the cost and management complexity of network solutions compared to other disparate point products.
Policy-based control of network traffic to eliminate misuse and abuse of network resources such as instant messaging, peer-to-peer downloading, web site blacklist and whitelist, streaming audio/video, etc.
Additional comprehensive network security behind the firewall to protect corporate LANs, WANs and WLANs from attacks and unauthorized access within the internal network.
Optimized network control for WAN and business-critical application performance optimization.
Policy-based network traffic mirroring for real-time monitoring and troubleshooting. Policies empower network administrators to pinpoint specific network traffic for monitoring and analysis. 

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